At what age can dancers audition for the Team?

Dancers must turn 6 years old on/prior to December 31st 2019.

When are auditions?

Auditions are typically held early June and an invitation will be sent out to dancers typically within 1-2 weeks of the audition date.

What are the class requirements to be on the Team?

Class requirements vary depending on the styles in which you are competing in. For example: team dancers are strongly encouraged, but not required to, take hip hop unless they are competing a hip hop number. A few classes including ballet & technique are required for all team members as they are fundamental to a dancers basic skills and growth.

What are the additional time/rehearsal requirements?

Typically, rehearsal times are scheduled within the normal weekly class days (therefore not requiring an extra day) However, there are times when extra rehearsals can be called on Friday nights/the weekend but typically this is for Solo/Duo/Trio and specialty small group rehearsals. 

What does it cost to be on the Team?

Besides your regular monthly tuition cost, the cost of the Team is dependent on how many numbers your child competes in. For example: If your child competes in 1 large group number, their additional fee is $325 which covers all of their choreography/rehearsal time, their costume and their entry fees into the competition. 

(please note these numbers are approximates as exact figures are determined in June and given to you at the Team meeting)

When do we find out the number placements and cost? 

We hold a meeting for all invited dancers and their parents at the beginning of the Summer (typically late June) where we go over EVERYTHING you need to know to make an educated decision on you and your dancer's commitment to the Team. At this meeting, you will leave knowing:

  • Which competitions we are attending
  • Class requirements for your dancer
  • Number invitations
  • ALL fees
  • Expectations
  • and more!

When do we need to make a decision by?

We typically give you a few weeks after the meeting to confirm your place on the team as we want to make sure you have time to assess this opportunity and then we work with you to adjust as necessary. For example, if you would like to drop a number to make it more affordable but still allowing your dancer this opportunity, we discuss the options and make decisions on behalf of you and your dancer's best interest. 

How many competitions does the TEAM attend? How many are local?

Each year varies depending on tour schedules however we typically compete in 3 competitions with 2 in Maine and 1 in either NH or MA. There is also potential for optional alternate competitions for soloists and conventions for all dancers.

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information if you still have questions regarding the Team experience. 

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